Kindergarten and Galaxy Concert and Kindergarten Graduation

Arrive at 5.45pm at the latest to find a seat and for the children to be gathered on stage to begin at 6pm

The evening will begin with the Kindergarten children performing a dance they have been learning during this Term with the very talented Miss Ainslie.

While they are getting gowned up for graduation the Galaxy children will perform their Christmas Carols

The Kindergarten children will then be presented with their Portfolios, Kindergarten Certificates and a book. They will then showcase a collection of songs and learning that has commenced throughout the year.

Sean Doughty

Kindergarten Teacher

Claire Primmer

Kindergarten Teacher

Riki McHenry

Room Assistant

Steph Hammond

Team Member

Danni Ridley

Centre Director

Jane Green

Assistant Director

Alysia Wilson

Team Member

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